February – 28 – 2021

CashoutEmpire has grown from a stand alone site to a massive carding how-to guides information hub and we want to say thank you! We get traffic from all 7 continents, we even get occasional visitors from North Korea (prob Kim Jong Un peeping through some of our guides) This month of Feb isn’t without its challenges though, we now get approx 200+ emails a day from all around the world and sometime people get frustrated and send us multiple emails which floods our contact chanelJanuary- 28 – 2020

We suffered a DDOS attack that lasted over 4 hours once the attack was mitigated and CashoutEmpire site was restored. We noticed almost immediately the users registered in the last two weeks started to placed unpaid empty orders, so we took steps to protect our customers by disabling user registration, we also removed all users with unpaid orders. January – 15 – 2021

CashoutEmpire started to receive DDOS threats and various forms of intimidation from it’s old vendors at the same time we noticed a sudden spike in user registrations, we made it clear that CashoutEmpire will not give in to any threats or blackmail on the expense of its customer base. December- 10 – 2020

We realized that taking so many vendors was not a good idea, so we decided to put our existing vendors through quality checks after receiving a number of complaints from our customers, we parted ways with almost 60% of our vendors and continue to monitor the remaining vendors.November – 04 – 2020

We first discovered that some malicious actors had been hiding between our legitimate users with a sole intention to inject malicious code into CashoutEmpire by uploading infected JPG files, we took action to protect our platform.  October- 01 – 2020

As we grew our CashoutEmpire we continued to take more vendors to cater for even bigger audience. Our efforts continued to be fruitful as more and more customer start to join us.September – 07 – 2020

We Started offeringPartnership Incentive to our third-party vendors in order to serve our international buyers a lot faster and efficiently, and it turned out to be a huge success, a huge thank you to everyone’s hard work!September – 06 – 2020

We started listing our services on our platform and saw massive users interest in our products and services, we were also contacted by Empire Market Vendors who showed interest in being our suppliers to our international clients base.September – 06 – 2020

Our Pen-Test Team finished by delivering the masterpiece to us ready to launch and start offering our services to our global clients base, who had been anxiously waiting.September – 04 – 2020

We hired a team of Penetration Testers to test the security of our site, they made a number of changes to our platform which enables us to securely protect our users and their data. September – 03 – 2020

Our Tech team achieved their target by completing our site CashoutEmpire that you love and use everyday.August – 25 – 2020

An outsourced team of 7 highly skilled individuals were hired with a very specific set of instructions to finish the given task in 10 days. August – 24 – 2020

@Cashout called up a meeting with their close associates and that meeting ended up with a plan to launch a stand alone website to serve their existing client base.August – 23 – 2020

Empire Market finally succumbed to the continuous DDoS attack and sadly passed away leaving us vendors to pick up the pieces!