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Hustlers, today we are going to bring you yet another useful piece of information by giving you a complete guide on conducting a background and credit report check.

This piece of information can be classed as gold by those carders who are halfway through their carding journey towards success, it will also help those who have now reached success in carding and focusing on higher-end “top stuff” which requires “doing research on their target before executing their plan” beside that it needs dedication, patience and of course a super relaxed mind.


You will be seeking information by gathering intel on your individual target whether it’s a person or a business.


To conduct a successful background check you will be using various professional tools (background check websites) to take your search beyond a basic search for your target, this will give you a wealth of in-depth information which will be extremely useful to adapt their identity and replicate, therefore; operating as the same entity as your target.

These websites above check and give in-depth reports on background, criminal history, people associated & reverse phone search against the profile of your target.

However, like everything else in life, there is a method to conducting a successful background check report, and it’s like you put in your target’s information that you have then press search and you will have a treasure trope full of, well… treasure.


Search sites and background check sites that we mentioned above use the latest technology which they constantly update to search through millions of records.

As a professional hustler, you are just looking to find the most important information on your target such as:

  • Full Name (you should already have that)
  • Address (current address and if they own it the property)
  • Previous Addresses
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Mothers Maiden Name
  • Credit History
  • Cars
  • Investments
  • Job Type (and income)
  • Current or any Pending Lawsuits
  • Relationship Status
  • Kids
  • Hidden Assets

While the above information will be treated no less than gold by professional hustlers who know exactly who and what they are looking for, on the other side it will be of very little to no use for beginners.

One of the key points to keep in mind is the fact that many people will have similar names so it’s always vital that you have some other information on your target besides the first and last name so that you can always match other information to make sure that it is the same intended target that you are after.

For professional hustlers, it is very important to find out as much as possible about their intended target.


If there are 50 Paul Smith’s in Palm Beach, FL, you may be confused to tie the right one with the information you have at hand, so if you also have information on your Paul Smith such as his phone number and address then that can help you to narrow down your options and find the correct Paul Smith that you are after.

background and credit report check

This is called also filtering down, it can be the difference between finding your intended target and cashing out VS confusing your Paul Smith with another and getting a refusal.

Simply putting in your information and then jumping on the first option is not only premature but also a noob-like behavior.

Give some thought into how you are going to search and for what information and we can assure you that without a doubt you will find quality results that will be fruitful.

The bottom line is the fact that using background check tools help you find the specific information you need for the job.

Before picking a website to conduct your checks do take a look at exactly what the site is promising to include in their report and what kind of input they are after BEFORE they will give you such information on your target that they are promising to give (this is very important) as some sites will not give much information with just keying in the first and last name they may also ask you to enter SSN or DOB or Phone.

Obviously, a report that has a lot of potential information is of better caliber in comparison with one that offers less.


Although, this always depends on the job and specs required to pull that job off. Something that only searches public records will be as valuable as those who pull comprehensive reports depending on the job info is for example the information you need on your target to apply for a credit card under their identity is different from the information you will need to create a bank account or apply for SBA (small business administration) loan.

But by doing a little bit of checking into what each site offers, you should definitely be able to find the site which offers the most accurate and reliable data for the job you’re after.

We hope all this information above will help you in achieving your goals, be careful, smart yet wise, and always remember to be patient and super relaxed at all times even when you hit a road bump because like everything else road bumps are also temporary and as long as you stay focused and dedicated you will be a carding success story!

Furthermore; we are always here to support you by giving you access to our arsenal of tools and services that are we have available at your disposal at any given time.

Good Luck, get your success you deserve it, we will see you on the other side!


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