How to Send Anonymous Mail to Somebody

How to Send Anonymous Mail to Somebody

Is there something serious you wish to say to someone without their knowledge? Then you’re in the right place to learn how to send anonymous mail to somebody. Also, the good news is that sending anonymous mail is not one of the most illegal things in the world.

In my day-to-day activities, I send bulk anonymous emails to people worldwide. Sometimes, I make use of self-destructible email senders, which means the mail recipients can’t reply to my mail; they talk less about knowing my identity.

Sending an anonymous email is a good way to disclose your mind and hide your identity without being traced. A lot of secret agencies and hackers need it to stay on top of their game. You’re human, and you deserve to know how this secret takes place and why you need to practice it.

Before then, let’s highlight some of the relevant reasons why it’s necessary to send anonymous mail to somebody.

Whistle Blowing

You can’t whistle-blow in an organization or a country without going anonymous. It’ll be silly because you may expose your identity to possible attackers who may trade it on the dark web. If you’ve never gone anonymous, I’m advising you to do so before someone comes after your life.

Fearless Journalism and Investigation

As a journalist, you’re not far from danger owing to the class of people you’re dealing with. The best practice is to go anonymous before mailing the recipient. Passionate journalists and other categories of investigators can’t do without knowing how to send anonymous mail to somebody. Stay safe and make your reports without traces by sending anonymous emails to suspect politicians, rapists or terrorists, etc.

Avoiding Spam

Everyone hates spam because it litters our inboxes. When dealing with websites and organizations that are spammy, you need to become an anonymous mail sender. In this situation, self-destructible emails are most recommended, as the address will cease to exist once the recipient gets the mail.

Spying on Partner

You can easily expose a cheating partner using an anonymous email. You don’t have to reveal your IP address or location to such partners, which means going anonymous.

Confessing Your Love

Anonymous emails will thrill the person you love. However, you do not have to make it a habit or spam their inbox.

Creating Awareness

When underground activities are taking place, the only smart means to expose such is through anonymous emails. Send anonymous mail to somebody to inform them of the threat and ask them to share the message. It could be bank fraud, network scams, etc. Don’t go public before you turn the bad guy’s attention towards you.

How to Send Anonymous Mail to Someone Without Trace

1. Using a Fake Email Account

A fake email account is an excellent way to send anonymous mail to someone. The procedure is simple and does not require making any payments or subscriptions. In short, it is similar to regular mail sending, but with the use of a fake email account.

Sending an anonymous email to somebody with a fake email account requires the following:

  • A newly created email account with fake details.
  • VPN software
  • Public IP address

If you’re sending a personal computer or mobile phone, I recommend using a VPN to hide the original IP address. Simply create an account with any email service like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. When done, connect the VPN by opening the software and clicking ‘Connect’, ‘Start Running,’ or ‘Activate.’ Go to the fake mail account, enter the recipient’s email address, and send the message.

Send Anonymous Mail to Somebody

Make Use of the Cyber Cafe

I do not recommend using your personal computer or mobile phone. Visit the nearest cyber cafe to complete these measures. Repeat the steps by creating a fake account and writing your message. You do not require a VPN since the IP address is not pointing to you. Moreover, clear history once done or use incognito mode, and do not forget to cover the computer’s front camera.

2. Use Burner Mail

Burner mail is another perfect way to send anonymous mail to somebody without being traced. Burner emails are known by several names, including temporary mail, 10-minute mail, disposable mail, and trash mail. This involves emails that can self-destruct or expire after a given time. Moreover, burner emails mostly do not require creating any mailing accounts. You can set it to a ‘send-only’ or ‘receive-only’ depending on the mail services in use. ‘Receive only’ is an excellent deal for those who want to subscribe to a particular service and stop spam from littering the main email.

Example of Burner Mail Services

Temp Mail
Email On Deck 
Guerrilla Mail 

When you open any of these burner emails, it is still recommended to use a VPN since these services store your IPs for reference. If, for instance, your mail contains threats, blackmail, or defamation, the email service will be instructed by the security agency to provide the IP. When such is done, you’ve been compromised.

3. Email Encryption

Hardly any mail service providers encrypt your mail messages. Already, the encryption feature has manifested itself in social apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This hasn’t been fully introduced to the mail world, as a series upon series of agencies can peep into your chat, thus, exposing your identity, which isn’t anonymity.
For me, the very first thing I ensure before messaging anyone is ‘encryption.’ It would help if you went anonymous, beginning by barring web pros and even the mail service provider from reading the mail content.

Disadvantages of Mail Encryption

They are Mostly Paid Services

Encrypted mail accounts are mostly paid services. Free versions are trial or beta versions that are still undergoing testing. Depending on the encryption provider, the cost can be as high as $400.

You’re Liable for the Encryption Code

If you miss the password, you can’t decrypt a message. Thus, the message is gone permanently.

Encryption is not End-to-End

Most encryption services are not end-to-end because your recipient may not be using the premium mail service of the same mail service provider. For example, if WhatsApp makes it possible to message a contact on WeChat, although WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption, your message to a WeChat person will not be encrypted end-to-end.

All in all, using a VPN is still highly recommended to hide your IP address.

4. Use Public WiFi

You can use public WiFi to send anonymous emails to people. Go to a public place with public WiFi, connect to it, and send the message. Do not stay connected for long because WiFi in public places may be a bait to collect your information, including PINs, and conversations with people.

First, you have to create an email address using that public WiFi within a few minutes. Next, send the email, and do not include any information that gives the recipient a clue that you may be the sender.

Before you connect to public WiFi, clear your browser cache and cookies. You can install an INCOGNITO browser to use for the operation. Again, do not be tempted to remain connected to the WiFi for too long; you could be tethering your details with the WiFi operator.

5. Anonymous Email Services

Other anonymous services that do not offer or are yet to offer encryption features will be mentioned here. They are faster ways of emailing someone without having to go through hassling signups and all. However, for ‘send only,’ the mail will be a one-time mail, but you still require a VPN or a public network to be completely anonymous.

Unlike these Guys, Cover the Front Camera

Meanwhile, some of the companies that provide encrypted and anonymous mail services include:


ProtonMail does not keep logs of IPs and other tracking details. This mail provider is a good option for sending anonymous mail to someone without the conversation being accessed by a third party.


You can also send anonymous mail to someone using Hushmail. This mail service provider takes mail anonymity to a new level by implementing a ‘contact form’ feature that allows others to mail while it stays encrypted. I prefer this for my business as no third party or agency can track my emails.


With CounterMail, you can anonymously send an email to someone without being traced. They are regarded as one of the best anonymous mail service providers in terms of anonymity.

Lockbin is a free mail encryption platform. You can also upgrade to the premium account for added services.

Having seen the ways to send anonymous mail to someone, let’s learn a few more things.

Can Email be Traced to an IP Address?

Yes, email can be traced to an IP address. However, with measures like using a VPN, an email will not be traced with IP. If you intend to use a fake Gmail account for sending mail, your IP address is automatically hidden. But, in emergencies, Google can publish your original IP address.

Who is Allowed to Send Anonymous Mails?

Everyone is permitted to send anonymous emails to others. However, anonymous emails intended for death threats are permitted while using email-sending platforms. Some of these platforms may blow your cover by publishing your IP address. Do not threaten to take the life of another because “life is precious.”


Whenever you’re in an unsafe situation, do not fail to employ anonymous measures. Always have an active and trusted VPN or use cyber cafes to cover your tracks.

Do not use this as a means to blackmail someone, spread lies, or threaten anyone’s life. Keep the internet ecosystem clean and use this trick for all smart hustles.

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